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Famous Paintings – the world's first board game with questions and answers about famous paintings.

It contains 100 cards with 100 famous paintings, each card having a question related to the presented painting or the life of the respective painter and 3 answer options, one of which is correct.

For educational purposes, on the back of the card is the correct answer, the source of information, as well as details about the year of the painting, the art movement it belongs to and the museum where the painting is exhibited.

The player who has the most cards at the end of the game wins!

Quiz 100

Learn and have fun!

Players have the opportunity to learn funny and interesting things about 100
famous paintings and details about the lives of over 70 famous painters of the world.
The presented paintings belong to 26 different art movements and are
exhibited in 42 famous museums worldwide.

Discover interesting details about the life and works of the world's famous painters!

  • What painting technique did da Vinci use in making "La Gioconda" painting?
  • On what occasion did Van Gogh paint the branches of an almond blossom?
  • How does Michelangelo represent himself in "The Last Judgment" fresco?
  • Who is the woman in Vermeer's famous painting "The Girl with a Pearl Earring"?

Quiz100 Famous Paintings – board game




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